What Happened to Customer Service?

I've posted about the major problem I had over the weekend where Edgewater Gold Radio got stuck in a loop of a skipping song for over two hours. After extensive troubleshooting, I realized that the trouble originated from our internet radio provider. Unfortunately, there was no emergency phone number and no technical support. I had to submit a ticket and wait for a response.

The problem cleared up on it's own but not before losing my entire audience. I never found out what the problem was and still don't know. In my working days, customer service was always a top priority for almost all businesses. Today's buinesses believe that it's a financial burden to provide good or any customer service at all. They will quickly take your money, provide the service but if there are any issues, you are plunged into the dark and given help links to figure it out on your own. Well unfortunately, that usually doesn't work.

One of the most frustrating things in today's world, (and there are lots of frustrations) is that good customer service no longer exists. I'm from the old school, when starting a business customer service should be near the top of the business plan.