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What Stations Did You Listen to Growing up?


Radio has always been a big part of my life. I began listening to the pop radio stations in the New York Area when I was about 11 years old. At that time AM was the dominant band and the choices were limited even in a big city like New York.

I usually had my radio tuned to 77 WABC. A 50,000 watt clear channel station in New York City. I loved the music, the way it was presented and the extremely talented air personalities. I felt they were talking to me personally and they always gave me a lift on a difficult day. I also spent some time listening to 57 WMCA. This was a 5,000 watt station that didn't have the "punch" that WABC had but never the less was the home of the Good Guys and great music. My interest in radio always made me scan the dial so I became familiar with country music, R&B and popular standards.

In the late 60's I discovered FM and one of my favorites was 98.7 WOR-FM. They played pop music but had a more expanded playlist than that of the AM stations. In 1970, WMCA switched to talk and left WABC the only pop station on the AM dial. This only lasted for a short time. 66 WNBC slowly started switching to pop music. In 1972 country formatted WJRZ, 97 am in Hackensack, NJ switched to top 40 WWDJ. They only lasted a couple of years since their 5,000 watt signal couldn't compete with powerhouse WABC. They abruptly switched to religion.

Radio shaped our youth and one of the reasons is that we were forced to stick with just a few radio stations and we associated with the music, format and personalities much better that the endless array of ways we could now listen to pop music today.

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