When Will Radio Draw the Line on Bad Programming?

The other day, I was listening to several college radio stations just to get a taste of their programming. I was both flabbergasted and disgusted to hear vulgar, violent vibrations, (I won't even call it music) coming out of a very familiar college station. The title of the song was "Don't Shoot Up my Party." During the "chant" I won't call it a song, their were frequent drop-outs indicated that there was probably lots of vulgarity in the content. I was so aggravated I switched it off probably never to turn it on again.

On a better note, I then switched to another college station and I will say the call letters of this one, WFDU, Fairleigh Dickerson University. Believe it or not, their format is oldies. Even though I am partial to oldies, this station was a breath of fresh air from the vulgar version of today's music I heard on the "other" station. The person on the air was bright and professional sounding . I'm glad that the younger generation is learning to appreciate the music of previous decades. WFDU is filling an oldies void in the New York Area and good for them.

Too many programmers, including college station Managers and Program Directors allow programming that excludes rather than includes a diverse audience. There are lots of good college radio stations that can reach large audiences. Example WFUV, Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. It not the one that plays "Don't Shoot Up my Party" during prime time!!!