Where All the Good Songs Have Gone

In today's changing radio world, so many AM and FM stations are going by the way side. Recently WPLJ in New York was sold to a company that programs contemporary Christian Music. I'm not against any of this music but radio stations are all becoming clones of one another and the radio landscape is becoming a barren desert.

The salvation is really internet radio with individual owners who program "outside of the box" and offer thousands and thousands of different formats with music for anyone's tastes. The problem is the opposite of traditional AM and FM radio, there's too much content to choose from. You can spend days sampling the thousands of diverse internet radio stations streaming all over the world. Owners and programmers don't face competition for 10 to 20 other local stations but from tens of thousands of stations serving everyone all over the world.

Owners must make their stations searchable by adding stations to multiple radio platforms such and itunes, Tunein, Live 365, Radio Graden, Myradiotuner and hundreds of others. This is very time consuming but is critical to spread the word on your station and the format that you're offering.