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Worldwide and Local at the Same Time

Many internet broadcasters don't have any local presence at all. Their thinking is that if the station could be heard worldwide, how can we keep it local? If your station is music oriented, it can be done.

Edgewater Gold Radio plays oldies 24/7 so our audience, no matter where they are know that when they turn to us

, they will hear the music that they enjoy. During the course of our programming, we always mention our location and provide local events that are happening in our area. We also provide local weather as well as local ferry schedules during the day. We are always open to more local programming as long as we can keep the music flowing!

There are ways for internet radio stations to stay local if programmers take the time to include some local news, happenings and weather. At Edgewater Gold Radio, we can't spend more then a few seconds at a time on local events as this will interrupt the flow or music. We know that the majority of our audience tunes us in for our music.

By keeping the station local, we have increased our audience significantly here in southern Delaware. To stay local, internet programmers have to be more creative.

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