Your Weekend at Edgewater Gold Radio

We have a great weekend planned for you on Edgewater Gold Radio. It's a 60s and 70's weekend with all the great music from those decades plus the bells are ringing. Edgewater Gold Radio is featuring lots of holiday music throughout the season. Holiday music that reminds you of all of those great holiday seasons throughout your life.

Our 70's Party Train kicks off at 5pm eastern time on Saturday. All seventies from 5pm - 9pm. Tonight we will be featuring some holiday music from the 1970's.

Dance Fever 54 our classic disco show airs Saturday at 9pm. Three hours of classic disco from the mid 70's to the early 80's. It only pure disco, we don't mix it with any other kind of dance music! Get ready to dance!

The Musical History Tour with Ronnie Sevean gets underway at 7pm eastern time on Sunday! It's a free form rock show that always has a special theme. This week Ronnie will be featuring new music along with some holiday music, 7pm - 10pm.

Enjoy your weekend with your holiday station---Edgewater Gold Radio!