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Hall & Oates Release Their First New Original Song in 14 Years, But It’s With Train

Here's and Article from Spin Magazine regarding the new Halll and Oates release. Daryl Hall and John Oates were among the greatest pop hitmakers of the late 1970s and 1980s. They’ve regularly toured together over the decades and in recent years, but haven’t actually released any new original music together since 2004, when they contributed a couple of originals to Our Kind of Soul, an album that otherwise consisted of only classic soul covers. Today, Hall & Oates have released a new original song, as they prepare for a sprawling summer tour. The only issue is that the song is a collaboration with the co-headliner of that tour: Train. Fittingly, the song is a tribute to H&O’s hometown of Phil

Alice Cooper Plays King Herod In Jesus Christ Superstar Production

On Sunday night, Alice Cooper will take part in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, NBC's live production of the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical. The shock rocker, who portrays the sinister King Herod, says he wasn't surprised he was asked to play a villain in the show. "I was pretty sure they weren't gonna cast me as Jesus," declares Cooper, whose concerts feature monsters, a guillotine, a giant snake and lots of fake blood. "[T]he Alice Cooper character's always been the villain, so I was pretty sure I was gonna either be Herod or Judas." Cooper, who actually is a devout Christian, adds about the role, "The Herod part's fun, because it really is the only fairly funny s

Listening on an Internet Radio

Internet radio does not have to be accessed only on a computer anymore. Apps such as Tunein enable listeners to choose between thousands of stations, and you can listen on your tablet or cell phone . Another way to listen to internet radio is on a radio made for internet broadcasting. I have a few of these radio's. There are many to choose from and some are much better than others. Before listening, there are some steps you must follow. First of all you need a wifi connection. Most radios have internet access points such as Tunein, Live 365 etc. By selecting an app, you may search for the stations that you would like to listen to and set them as presets. As soon as you turn the radio on, pre

Joe Biden Comes to His Home State to Share His Thoughts on Gun Violence. - News Journal Article

WILMINGTON, Del. — Former Vice President Joe Biden said he skipped the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., to share his thoughts in his home state of Delaware. "Folks, too many people are dying," Biden said Saturday in Wilmington at a local rally. "Too many children are being hurt. In a city where more kids are shot than anywhere else in the nation, people of all generations gathered to say they have had enough. You're forcing people to look squarely in the eye what they don't want to face," he said. Biden's sentiments underscored the action of today's rallies across the USA. Police cars blocked off the streets here on Saturday morning as hundreds joined the local March for Our Li

Radio Alumni Takeover Weekend - Music, Fun and Friendship!

About 46 years ago, I walked into my college radio station (WPSC – William Paterson University) with the hopes of getting a show and playing great music. Being so new to the school and not knowing anyone, I was apprehensive a little scared and not sure of the outcome. After auditioning, I did get a show and thus began my 46 year journey into the world of radio. During my time at WPSC, I met some great people, learned so much about radio and music. Much of the music I wasn’t familiar with. I learned to love a whole new world of various music genres. The years passed so quickly that before I knew it, graduation time was fast approaching. During those few short years, the radio station becam

Low Power FM Serving The Community......or is it???

When I was a kid, I often wondered why I was so interested in radio. At that time radio, vinyl records and tape were the only ways to hear our favorite songs but that wasn’t the only reason why I loved radio. I remember waking up every morning and hearing positive, upbeat voices, great music and very memorable jingles as well as news and events that were happening in my area. I immediately felt good and was ready to face the day. So for me radio wasn’t just the music. It was a combination of many elements. As I began my radio career, I was blessed to work with some great mentors who gave me the structure I needed to grow and improve. In order for radio stations to have any chance of succee

Looking for Vinyl? - Try Gidgets Gadgets in Downtown Rehoboth Beach!

Everything old is new again. What goes around comes around. These phrases hold true all the time. Fads come and go. Who ever thought that vinyl records would make a comeback? Rehoboth Beach has so many hidden treasures one is Gidgets Gadgets on Rehoboth Ave. Entering the store gives you a nostalgic feeling of days gone by. The store is filled with vintage toys and gadgets that trigger great memories of yesteryear. Recently, Gidgets Gadgets has added lots of vinyl records to it's inventory. There's nothing better than experiencing the warm sound of your favorite music spinning on the turntable. If you're looking for vinyl records to add to your collection, try Gidgets Gadgets! It's a real hi

Listening to Internet Radio

Listening to online radio stations is getting easier all the time. One of the problems is that there are thousands to choose from. Radio stations like Edgewater Gold Radio usually partner with organizations like Live 365 who send the signal out from their servers.Our encoder connects to Live 365 where the signal is put out on over the internet. Unlike, traditional radio, there are many ways to listen to internet radio. You can usually listen directly from a stations website, or a special direct start URL. For portability, most stations have their own app or are on apps like TUNEIN. Now with the Amazon Echo or a Google device you can just say "Play so in so radio station" and that's it. Ther

Steven Tyler Going Solo with a Country Slant

Rolling Stone just announced that Steven Tyler is going on tour Solo later this year. The show with have a country slant. Read the full article below. Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is heading out on a solo tour of the United States, Canada and Europe, backed once again by the Loving Mary Band. Upstart country duo the Sisterhood Band will support. Steven Tyler Brings 'Country As I See It' to Rock-Heavy Nashville Gig Aerosmith front man doesn't forsake his rock roots during headlining solo show at "Mother Church of Country Music" Along with the rock vocalist's signature hits, Tyler's summer tour will be a showcase for songs from his debut solo LP, 2016's We're All Somebody From Somewhere, whic

Back to WPSC - For Alumni Takeover Weekend!

It's hard to believe that it's been over 43 years since I was at my college radio station at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. It was the place where I began my radio journey. I walked into WPSC , then 590 AM and carrier current which meant it broadcast to only to several buildings around the campus. I was given a show and met some of the best people of my life. Over the past nine years or so technology has brought us all back together after the loss of Mike (Spyder)McGuire, our beloved friend. Mike was also at WPSC during this time and then went on to be a very popular DJ on various radio stations throughout the area. Now WPSC (WP88.7 Brave New Radio) is an award winning FM station

Barbra Streisand Talks about Her Life, Career and Even the "Me Too" Movement

Billboard Magazine has published an interesting article on Barbra Streisand after she was presents with the Icon Tribute during during the PaleyFest LA. Read and enjoy the full article below> FROM BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Barbra Streisand took a trip down memory lane Friday night (March 16). The Hollywood legend was presented with the Icon Tribute during the kickoff to the 35th annual PaleyFest LA at the Dolby Theater. Ryan Murphy was on hand to a lead an in-depth conversation with Streisand about her life in television, which began in 1961 with an appearance on The Tonight Show. “I have to look up everything about myself because I forget,” Streisand said. “I don’t remember. I asked my assistant t

An Easy Way to Listen to Internet Radio

Internet radio is a growing medium but instantaneous listening can be a problem. You can't get into your car turn on the radio and on comes your internet station. Hopefully someday, this will change with all of the advanced technology. To listen in the car, you have to plug in your mobile device, select your station from the app, use a small transmitter with blue tooth or connect your mobile device directly to your car speakers and click to start your station. Some cars are equipped with an app like Tunein on their touch pad. This makes connecting a bit easier. A very easy way is to listen on an Amazon Echo or Google device but the station that you select must be on the apps that the devi

Boycott United Airlines!

I’m sitting here writing this today still very sickened and saddened after the death of an innocent dog that was stuffed into an overhead compartment on a United Airlines Flight. You can read this very disturbing story in a CBS article below. Before we do that, let me point out that of the last 24 pets that died on an airplane, 18 we on United. There is a real underlying problem with United Airlines. The care of passengers and pets are neglected in preference to money, money money! I’ve been writing this blog for over nine years and I’ve never asked my readers for anything. This time, I’m asking you to boycott United Airlines. The only thing that will cause an large, corporate conglomerate t

Parents Should Monitor Their Childrens' app

March 13, 2018 at 9:20 am Parents are always worried about what their children are watching, listening to or downloading. Here's another thing to look out for. This article was issued by CBS News. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A popular app that your child may be using could be dangerous if they aren’t using it carefully. The app seems harmless enough. Users can lip sync, make music videos and show off their creativity; but there’s a dark side. Parents take note. Texas Bombs Likely Connected; No Obvious Links Among Sites Searches for words like sexy or skinny can lead your children to videos you would not want them to see, or possibly worse. Crystal Sedavie, an investigator for Holmen Wis

Tim McGraw Collapses on Stage While Performing in Ireland

USA Today is reporting the following story. The good news is that Tim is OK! Country star Tim McGraw collapsed Sunday night at a performance in Ireland. His wife, singer Faith Hill, told the crowd that McGraw was suffering from dehydration during a C2C concert in Dublin. "I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage," she said in video posted by fans on social media. A statement sent to The (Nashville) Tennessean on McGraw's behalf said the singer was tended to by medical staff onsite "and he will be fine. He and Faith want to thank everyone for their love and support and look forward to seeing their Irish fans again soon."

Founder of Tower Records Dies at 92

One of my favorite stores in the whole world was Tower Records. It was an oasis filled with every kind of music you can imagine! I spent many many hours at the Tower Records in Manhattan and New Jersey usually buying more records or CD's than I could afford. Russ Solomon, the founder of Tower Records died at age 92 while watching the Oscar's and Drinking Whiskey! Read the full article published by the Sacramento Bee below. March 05, 2018 11:33 AM Updated March 06, 2018 03:42 PM Talk about the perfect coda: Tower Records founder Russ Solomon died with a drink in his hand and a smart-aleck remark on his lips. The swashbuckling, visionary entrepreneur who built a global retailing empire and the

Blood Sweat and Tears Appearing at Harrington Raceway and Casino in Harrington , Delaware April 7th

Blood Sweat and Tears are appearing at Harrington Raceway and Casino. Here's a little history behind this great band. It’s been more than four decades since Blood, Sweat and Tears came on the music scene successfully blending rock, fusion and jazz into the unique style the group has been known for throughout the years. With their trademark sound featuring an incredible horn section, multiple Billboard top 40 hits would follow including such hits like “When I Die,” “God Bless The Child,” “Hi-De-Ho,” “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,” and the classic hit “Spinning Wheel”, which helped give B,S & T their first GRAMMY award with “Album of the Year”. Throughout the years, B, S & T has evolved keepin

Music Diversity in the 1960's

The 1960's were a time of upheaval in society, fashion, attitudes and especially music. Before 1963, the music of the sixties still reflected the sound, style and beliefs of the previous decade and many of the hit records were by artists who had found mainstream success in the 1950s, like Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Dion, and The Everly Brothers. In 1963 and the years to follow, a number of social influences changed what popular music was and gave birth to the diversity that we experience with music today. The assassination of President Kennedy, the escalation of the war in Vietnam and the forward-progress of the Civil Rights Movement all greatly impacted the mood of American culture and the

The Dysfunctional Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac is like a dysfunctional family.They've been with us for so long and we experienced their ups and downs. Variety published an article in January describing our musical dysfunctional family. Read the article below. By Michele Amabile Angermiller @micheleamabile Fleetwood Mac is well known for being a dysfunctional family, and nobody knows it better than Lindsey Buckingham. “It was much of the attraction, and much of the fuel for our material. It was also the subtext of heroicism that lead us to be able to follow our destiny despite all the emotional and social difficulties we were having,” he told the crowd at Radio City Music Hall as he took the podium to thank audience of revel

Radio Station's Image and Consistency

Working in radio for over 30 years, I've learned several things that will determine the success of your station. Nothing annoys me more than turning on a station whether it be a terrestrial AM or FM station, or an internet station and not knowing what or who I'm listening to. The proper imaging will let your audience know who you are and in most cases the format of your station. It's critical to use appropriate imaging all the time! The major issue that affects many stations is that they are not consistent. They really have no format and whoever attempts to listen may hear a rock song they like, then without any imaging or transition they'll hear a jazz song. This will not only alienate but

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