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Lost Neil Young 1968 Concert Recording Turns up

The following article was published by RTT News. Professional-quality record tapes from Neil Young and Joni Mitchell's 1968 Michigan Concert have been recovered. The recordings were found at Canterbury House by Michigan History Project. A live performance by the pair was recorded on the University of Michigan campus, a venue that regularly hosted popular counterculture artists in the 1960s. "They were in the possession of a private collector. Then they disappeared, and we were afraid they were gone for good. But a few weeks ago they resurfaced, much to our surprise and relief," MHP president Alan Glenn said in a statement to Rolling Stone. The non-profit organization said its first priority

You Gotta Have A Backup Plan

Being a Libra, everything has to be in the proper balance. I live my life always thinking "what if?" Sometimes this could be a bad thing but most of the time it's good to think about planning ahead and having a backup plan in the event something happens. Today, I'll tell you about a "backup plan" for my station Edgewater Gold Radio. Currently, Edgewater Gold Radio runs live from my home studio. It's the place where I can voicetrack, do live shows, produce playlists and do all of my production work. The system works great, like clockwork actually but what if something happens? It occasionally does. Edgewater Gold Radio runs on a computer and uses a cable wifi system. The encoders send the si

Paul McCartney Reprimands Cellphone Users

Cellphones have taken over out lives and sometimes we can say that is not a good thing. People are obsessed with a never connection to their cellphones. It this case, Paul McCartney had the perfect right to issue a reprimand to cell phone users. Paul McCartney was forced to issue a stern warning to fans trying to cover his performance using cellphones at an intimate show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, who were ignoring restrictions on photography and videography. The former Beatles star was playing the classic song "Twenty Flight Rock" when he noticed some in the audience using their phones. He stopped mid-way through, and reportedly told them, "You've all been told not to take photos. Y

Disco Comes To Edgewater Gold Radio

There was an era of music that was the rage at the time but it only lasted a relatively short period of time. Disco swept the nation from the mid-70's to the early 80's. The first time I walked into a disco, I heard this pulsating music, and saw an array of lights everywhere. People were dancing and having a great time. There was a room where people were lined up doing a dance called "the walk." You didn't have to have a partner, you just joined the line and followed along moving in sequence to the pulsating beat. . Of course, I got confused and bumped into everyone and even spilled a guys drink. I turned backward instead of forward! A bumpy start to the guilty pleasures which were about to

Paul McCartney Returns To Abbey Road Crosswalk Untitled

Prepaired by RTT News As Paul McCartney returned to the vaunted Abbey Road Studios for an intimate performance, he made the trek across the legendary Abbey Road crosswalk, the very same one the Beatles walked on August 8, 1969 for their famous album cover. Videos showed fans cheering as McCartney strolled across the street. Pictures also showed Stella McCartney, Paul's fashion designer daughter, in attendance. McCartney's surprise gig at the studio included four new songs: "Fuh (cq) You," "Who Cares," "Confidante" and "Come On To Me." The songs will appear on his upcoming new album Egypt Station. Egypt Station will be released on September 7. He recently announced a new tour called Freshen U

Mid Summer Activities in Rehoboth Beach

We are entering the middle part of the Summer season, tourists are enjoying the beaches, great shopping and great dining here in Rehoboth Beach. The town is bustling with activity. Here are some events taking place this week. Tuesday-Thursday, July 24-26: BFS presents "Damsel" 4:00 pm on Tuesday (July 24) and 4:00 pm on Wednesday (July 25) and 7:00 pm on Thursday (July 26), Cinema Art Theater .... Thursday, July 26: Rehoboth Beach Walking Tour 9am, at the Bandstand. The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society will conduct walking tours around downtown Rehoboth Beach . Thursday, July 26: Cinderella at Canalfront Park The Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre and the Lewes Canalfront Park are partne

Joni Mitchell's Isle Of Wight Performance Set For DVD Release

Sometimes you can change your opinion of an artist. Back in the seventies, a friend of mine loved Joni Mitchell and I just couldn't bring myself to appreciate her. As the years went by, I really began to appreciate her talent and now enjoy hearing her music. RTI NEWS released a report indicating that a performance of Joni Mitchell's Isle or Wight is set for DVD release. Sometimes it takes time to appreciate certain types of artists. Here's the article: A concert movie based on Joni Mitchell's 1970 Isle Of Wight performance is set to come out on DVD and Blu-ray, with new interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Eagle Vision will release Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now: Live At The Isle of Wight

An Explanation For the Delay In Radio Streaming

We are going to try to explain the delay experienced in internet radio streaming. The audio can be up to five minutes behind what comes out of the original streaming source. For example, I hear the audio on my monitor speakers in my home radio studio. I turn on a mobile device, internet radio or Bose Wave radio in another room and the audio is about a minute or two or three behind what's coming from the studio audio source. We will try to explain a reason why. The following information was obtained from The most noticeable difference between a radio station's broadcast signal and its corresponding Internet stream or Internet only radio stations is a significant delay. The same pro

Billy Joel Brings Out Bruce Springsteen At 100th MSG Show

Billy Joel celebrated the 100th installment of his monthly residency at Madison Square Garden by bringing out Bruce Springsteen. "Congratulations Billy on your 100th show," Springsteen yelled. "Ready, Billy?" he asked, as Joel began to play while sitting at the piano. Springsteen sat atop Joel's piano for part of their performance of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" as the platform that they were both on spun around. He also picked up his guitar and launched into "Born to Run" with the audience joining in while Joel backed him on piano. Joel launched his historic monthly residency at MSG back in 2014 and recently extended it into 2018. Currently, the venue is offering tickets through December 2018.

Cher Releasing and Album of ABBA Singles

Cher has announced that she has recorded an entire album of ABBA covers. The 72-year-old singer revealed the news in an interview with the Today Show . "After I did 'Fernando,' I thought it would really be fun to do an album of ABBA songs, so I did!" she told Today Show host Kathie Lee Gifford. "It's not what you think of when you think ABBA, 'cause I did it in a different way." She did not elaborate on the upcoming musical work, but she recently hinted about the release of a new album in September. The sequel film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, in which Cher plays Fernando, premiered in London on Monday. The septuagenarian acts as the mother of the character played by Meryl Streep, who is thr

Changing Station Imaging Does Not Necessarily Improve Ratings

If a radio station is not doing well in the ratings and have consistently ranked toward the bottom, changing imaging will not necessarily improve ratings. A radio station in New York City whose imaging was "Fresh 102.7" and format was sort of a hot AC has been doing poorly in the ratings for many years. They recently changed their imaging to "New 102.7" and did a very minor tweak in their format. Their intent is to compete with with Lite FM 106.7 which has consistently been number 1 in the New York Market for many many years. I have news for them, "it ain't gonna happen!!" Their "new" moniker will do little if anything to improve their low ratings. Sometimes I don't know what their consultan

New David Bowie Documentary In the Works

A new documentary on David Bowie, titled David Bowie: The First Five Years, will focus on his early years as a singer. It is set to be released next year. The documentary, currently in the making, will be a prequel to David Bowie: Five Years and David Bowie: The Last Five Years previously aired on the BBC, in 2013 and 2017, respectively. Francis Whately, who had a long career at the BBC, made the first two Bowie documentaries. BBC is producing the third documentary as well. The documentary will narrate Bowie's life from 1962-67, the period when the artist, known as David Jones, told his parents about his decision to become a pop star and was part of bands such as the Konrads, King Bees, The

Increasing Local and Internet Radio Audiences

Starting a LPFM local radio station or internet radio station comes with an overwhelming amount of tasks. From acquiring space, licenses, engineering and equipment and developing a programming format, antenna site (for LPFM) and reliable staff can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Once your station is on the air, building and maintaining an audience is a priority. In today's world, competition for listeners is fierce to say the least. Back in radio's heyday, terrestrial radio stations could command a 25% or higher share of the entire listening audience in a metropolitan area. WABC in New York did just that. It was consistently number 1 in the market and claimed over 25% of the entire radi

Bruce Springsteen's First Encore of His Broadway Debut

Bruce Springsteen delivered the first encore of his newly minted Broadway career, inviting fans to take photos during the bonus song. After delivering his normal closing number, "Born to Run," he said, "You're a beautiful audience. You're so good, you get the first encore ever. … Feel free to take a picture." He then performed "This Hard Land," which appeared on his 1995 Greatest Hits album. One fan uploaded an edited version of a clip of the track to YouTube, noting, "At the end of the Broadway show, Bruce Springsteen personally told the audience that they were then allowed to film and take photos. The entire audience did so." Springsteen's Broadway residency started at the Walter Kerr Thea

A Tribute to My Two Radio Inspirations

In the 1960's, there was no vulgarity on radio. Radio DJ's were truly talented personalities using music, humorous and positive comments to entertain us and make us feel that it was going to be a great day! Radio was a medium of the imagination. There were no music videos, we couldn't see our favorite radio personalities doing their show so we relied only on what we heard. Each morning I would wake up to the voice of Herb Oscar Anderson on WABC in New York. His voice was outstanding and it made me dream of someday becoming a radio DJ. I felt as if he was a companion cheering me up and getting me ready to face another day at school while entertaining me with my favorite songs. He also sang hi

Spotlight 1968

Sometimes it's fun to look back on a particular year. Today we're going to take a glimpse at 1968. It was the year that Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were Assassinated and the year when I was a freshmen in high school. Times sure does fly and here's a look at what things cost back in 1968. Cost of Living 1968 How Much things cost in 1968 Yearly Inflation Rate USA 4.27% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 4.7% Year End Dow Jones Industrial Average 943 Average Cost of new house $14,950.00 Average Income per year $7,850.00 Average Monthly Rent $130.00 Gas per Gallon 34 cents Average Cost of a new car $2,822.00 Movie Ticket$1.50 The Federal Hourly Minimum Wage is $1.60 an hour Information

Beatles 1 Returns to Top 40

The Beatles greatest hits collection 1 has reentered the Top 40 for the first time in over two years, coming in at No. 38. The album last appeared in the top 40 back on the January 30, 2016-dated list, in the No. 37 position. In related news, Paul McCartney's new song "Come On To Me" has debuted at the No. 24 position on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart. The song will appear on Sir Paul's upcoming new album Egypt Station, which will be released on September 7. This marks the first Top 25 hit for McCartney as a solo artist. The Fab Four's animated movie Yellow Submarine also returns to theaters this weekend, in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The film, which has been updated with a new

Eight-Vehicle Crash Shuts Down Rehoboth Avenue

During 10 months of the year Rehoboth Beach residents enjoy peace strolling down Rehoboth Ave here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Summer brings thousands of tourists and with that comes some trouble. The city's population swells from 3,000 or so in the off season to over 20,000 in the Summer. Yesterday was proof that our usually quiet little town can become a hazardous during the very busy Summer months and usually alcohol plays a role. The following article was reported by WMDT TV. t was a miracle that nobody was critically injured after an eight-vehicle accident shut down Rehoboth Avenue for more than an hour early Saturday evening. Hundreds of visitors, who packed the sidewalks, heard the i

President Trump Sends Elton John CD To Kim Jong Un

This article was published by RTT News on July 6th, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is currently visiting North Korea for follow up talks on the Communist nation's de-nuclearization pledge, has reportedly brought with him a CD of Elton John's 1972 hit "Rocket Man" as a gift from President Donald Trump to Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The top American diplomat is also carrying another gift for Kim, a letter from Trump, South Korean media has reported. At the height of US-North Korea rift, Trump used to refer to Kim as "Rocket Man" and "Little Rocket Man" for his frequent missile tests. Trump's summit with Kim in Singapore last month helped ease tensions in the relationship between the t

Lots of Book Signings and Entertainment This Week in Rehoboth!

Here's what's happening this week in Rehoboth Beach. Edgewater Gold Radio provides you with community information all the time! If you're in town enjoy yourself. Show wonderful local shops and dine in our fine restaurants. Thursday » Jul 05 @ 5:00pm Book Signing: Jake Tapper Friday » Jul 06 @ 8:00pm At The Bandstand: US Navy Country Current Saturday » Jul 07 @ 10:00am Book Signing: Hoda Kotb Saturday » Jul 07 @ 1:00pm Book Signing: Carl F. Thompson Saturday » Jul 07 @ 8:00pm At The Bandstand: Jesse Garron Sunday » Jul 08 @ 4:00pm Book Signing: Happy Hour with Jessica Merchant

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