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Happy New Year From Edgewater Gold Radio!

As music from the 50s and 60s continues to fade away from the radio landscape, we at Edgewater Gold Radio pledge to keep this great music on the air and preserve your greatest memories. Look for some new features in the coming year highlighting music from the baby boomer generation. Edgewater Gold Radio will also always be in touch with our community at the Delaware beaches and provide news, events and local information for the area. We will still be your reliable source for great oldies music and community information. Edgewater Gold Radio wishes all of your a happy and healthy New Year. Set some goals and take one little step at a time!

Another Real Oldies Stations Seems to Be Biting the Dust

I read some really discouraging news this morning. WLNG one of the only real oldies stations on Long Island, NY seems to be changing direction. This great station has been preserving the 60s and 70s oldies sound for as long as I can remember. I'm hearing from reliable sources that the jingles and great imaging is gone replaced with a very boring "LNG radio 92.1." The problem with today's new, younger station management is that even if something isn't broken they want to fix it! WLNG was a beacon of light at the end of Long Island preserving great music with a sound that reflected the time period. They've always done well and have been a "staple" in the radio community. I truly believe that i

Keeping Your Station Fresh

Today's automation enables us to run our internet radio stations' unattended. This is a great thing but remember, your audience can get bored. You should "freshen up" your station from time to time. Make some small changes like adding some additional music, changing up the rotation and/or the imaging liners, jingles, voices etc. on a regular basis. Your station will be more interesting to listen to without a major format change. It's the same as hearing or seeing the same commercial over and over and over. You do get bored. Any little change can spark the audiences interest without them ever knowing it. A good time to freshen things up is after the holidays. At Edgewater Gold Radio, I'm not

Edgewater Gold Radio Celebrating 17 Years of Playing Oldies

It's so hard to believe. 2019 will mark 17 years that Edgewater Gold Radio has been streaming oldies on the internet. It seems like yesterday when Edgewater Gold Radio was born. Let me take you for a little journey back in time. It was 2002 and I was living in Edgewater, NJ. I had just ended a weekend gig at WNJO, 94.5FM, and WVNJ 1160 AM in Teaneck, NJ. WNJO, switched formats to classic hits which wasn't my thing at the time and WVNJ was having some financial difficulty and adding too many infomercials to the programming. I was bitten by the radio bug in the 60s and anyone who was bitten knows that the venom remains in your blood forever! One night, at a meeting with our condo board (I wa

Backups for Backups for Backups

I'm the kind of person who always needs a "plan B" or in some cases a "Plan C." When Edgewater Gold Radio went totally live from my home studio, I felt that I was vulnerable to an equipment failure which would take the station down for a long period of time. It just didn't feel right that I had no backup! One of the reasons why I switched service providers to Live 365 is that their Auto DJ feature works well. As soon as the live signal is lost, Auto DJ will kick in. Even though that was an adequate backup, I still didn't feel that would be enough. In the event that the main computer was down for a number of days, I still wanted live control of the station. I synced up another computer to be

Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas From Edgewater Gold Radio

As most of you know, radio was a big part of my childhood! I took my portable transistor radio everywhere listening to my favorite music and favorite DJ's. All of my favorite memories are framed around the songs, jingles, radio personalities that came out of that little box! Today, each of those songs triggers a memory of a special time in my life. A time spent with family and friends. I can zero in on where I was and what I was doing at the time I hear some of those great songs. Edgewater Gold Radio's main goal is to preserve the great music and memories of that special time! Have a wonderful, peaceful, joyous holiday season from Edgewater Gold Radio!

Keeping Holiday Music Alive

The genre doesn't necessary matter. Holiday music throughout the ages lives on every holiday season. Many Radio stations switch to all holiday music very early on these days. Some make the big switch the end of October and play only Christmas music through New Years Day. Many stations start adding Christmas music after Thanksgiving. That generally has been the tradition for many years. Edgewater Gold Radio started adding holiday music to it's playlist on Thanksgiving Day. Each week I added another song or two per hour. Today, we're playing 4 Christmas songs per hour. I don't think I will add any more. On Christmas Eve, we will switch to all Christmas music through Christmas day. Traditionall

Internet Radio Is Becoming More and More Portable

During the early stages of internet radio, there was basically only one place where listeners could tune in and that was on their PC. Later, some internet stations became available on devices such as Roku or Tivo. Listeners could tune to their favorite stations on their TV's. Today there are so many apps that play internet radio stations that sometimes we don't know where to begin. These apps can be downloaded to any mobile device and go anywhere that there is internet service. You could even listen using your mobile phone service. I would recommend having an unlimited data plan first. Cars today have internet access and contain apps like Tunein where drivers could tune to internet radio sta

Internet Radio Stream Problem..Where do you start?

One of the most frustrating situations`is when the internet stream on your station goes down or in my case keeps re-connecting. Where does the problem originate? This happened about 5:30 pm yesterday. At first I become perplexed. What's causing the problem? Is it my service provider Live 365? Is it my own system or is it Comcast/Xfinity cable? This can be a very frustrating situation. I quickly eliminated the possibility that it was my computer or automation problem. All systems were running fine and the program was doing what it should. The next step was to see if there were any posts on the Live 365 Facebook page or website indicating any problems. Since in these days it's very difficult t

Setting up a Great Internet Radio Station Backup

Edgewater Gold Radio runs on the Nextkast automation system. It has a separate module for management and voicetracking. I've been using the same computer to play on air and to voicetrack. This always made me a bit uncomfortable. There were times when voicetracking could affect the on air signal. It didn't happen often, but one time, I didn't notice the mike open on the voice track module and it send my voice tracks over the air!.....Not good! Another time the computer froze --sending the on air signal into an auto DJ mode again ....not good! A colleague of mine that runs an oldies internet station out of Seattle told me about syncing my main computer up with an auxiliary computer to use as a

Remembering a Major On Air Disaster!

There are always stories to tell after spending years working on the air at various radio stations. Back in the days of live radio, anything can and sometimes does go wrong! Here's one of many incidents that occurred during my on air radio career. This incident happened very early on before I learned a major trick in to cover up mistakes! I got my first part time job at WSUS FM in Sussex Country NJ back in 1978. I worked on Saturday evening from 11pm - 6am. At that time all music was played on vinyl records and commercials, jingles and sweepers were on audio carts. It was my first or second show and I was the only one at the station at the time. It was about 1am. Gloria Gayno

Opinion On the Size Of Playlists

How large is the rotation on your station? Of course I have an opinion on this subject. In general a younger audience pushes buttons or change channels more often than an older audience. I know because I did it as a kid. I always thought that there was a "better" song on another station. Short rotations work on current hit music stations because they cater to a much younger audience and their goal (besides making money) is to please advertisers and to promote the current hits. So it's not uncommon to have only 300 songs in their rotation. Would this work on an oldies station or a station catering toward an older audience? Probably not. First of all there is more music to play. Think of al

Radio -- A Bonding Experience

Yesterday I drove up to William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ for a college radio alumni celebration. In 1972, I walked into WPSC Radio expected to get a weekly show and took my first step into this very uncertain business. I got much more that that weekly show, during the four years at the station, I formed some of my closest relationships and after 45 years that bond is still holding as strong as ever. Almost 10 years ago after the untimely death of a fellow friend and station member, WPSC's General Manager, thought it would be a great idea to dedicate one day a year to the stations Alumni. At the memorial for our friend Mike McGuire, he saw how close our group was after 40 plus years.

Internet Radio Listeners Drop In December...Don't Panic

I've been running my internet radio station, Edgewater Gold Radio for about 17 years now and every single December, listeners drop off. The answer is pretty obvious. The holiday season. At first I was concerned but once I realized the cause, it made sense to me. During the holidays many people take days off of work but the main reason for an audience drop off is competition from the stations that go all Christmas. These stations gain a substantial audience during this time but this is temporary so don't worry. As soon as the holidays are over in January, you will most likely see your audience on the rise again! Another audience drop off time is during the Summer but this reduction in audien

All Music or Music with Talk?

Do audiences prefer only music on the radio or music with some talk and features between songs? This is my opinion on this subject. Streaming music comes in many different forms. Some services like Pandora allow the listener to select a playlist such as Holiday music listen to continuous music without talk in between except the commercials that air periodically. You may get mixed opinions on this subject but here's mine. For me the radio that I know and love doesn't only consist of music but a combination of DJ talk, comedy, information, weather, public affairs, news etc. It also is made up of imaging that identifies what the station does. While growing up there were many times that I wanted

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