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One Of My Greatest Radio Influences

Everyone has a person or persons that have a great influence on their future careers. Sometimes it's a newscaster, actor, parent, or expert from any field. For me there were several people in the radio industry that were my biggest influences. Today I will talk about the first individual who played a strong role in sparking my interest in radio. Herb Oscar Anderson's voice woke me up every morning during the sixties. He had a unique style and was the original New York Radio "morning Mayor." Herb had a smooth very professional radio voice that was always positive and encouraging. It was a unique situation on pop oriented WABC in New York. Herb Oscar Anderson, appealed to an older audience tho

The Oldies Keep Flowing

I f you're listening to music, there's nothing more annoying by having your music interrupted by a talk show or commercials. Edgewater Gold Radio is a music intensive internet station. This means that music is the main feature. However, many other elements make up the radio station. We are a local internet station in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, therefore we feature local events and weather at the beaches. We do it in a way that causes minimal disruption in the music flow. We also include features like music news, ferry schedules, trivia etc. I've crafted these segments into the music programming so that the music will not stop for very long. Stops sets can't be helped because we have to air Na

Music Paints A Picture Of Your Life

Being in radio for about 30 plus years, I've worked on many stations, with many great people and Program Directors. Each station was profit driven of course so I had to conform to some strict programming rules. I was lucky enough to play the music that I love. Oldies, Soft Rock, Country, Adult Contemporary (Not the AC of today but of the 70s and 80s) and Popular Standards. All of this music takes me back to special times in my life and triggers great memories of family and friends, places I've been and things I've experienced. I frequently get into debates about the music of the 60s 70s and 80s versus the music of today. Quite frankly,today's music does nothing for me because I don't listen

What Radio Station Did You Listen To As A Kid?

Radio was a big part of my life while growing up. We lived in the New York area at the time (North Jersey) My mom would have a radio sitting on top of the refrigerator. I could remember waking up to the voice of Herb Oscar Anderson on WABC. I became fascinated with his voice and the music. She would also sometimes switch to WMCA, another top 40 station in the sixties. I would hear Joe O'Brien with the character "Bennie" which also would raise my curiosity in this wonderful medium. I became obsessed with radio stations. I always owned a transistor and took it with me where ever I went. I loved the music but also was fascinated with the air personalities, jingles and other radio elements. My a

Please Vote For Edgewater Gold Radio!

We are asking all of our listeners to make Edgewater Gold Radio the best downstate music station. Delaware Today is compiling a list of all of the "best of's in Delaware. There are a few days left. Please follow the very easy instructions below to vote and make us the best music station in downstate Delaware! We really appreciate it and appreciate you as our listeners! Just click here" BEST OF DELAWARE Scroll down to "People and Media" Scroll down to: "Downstate Radio Station for Music" Enter: Edgewater Gold Radio Scroll down and enter your e-mail address then click "done." Thank you so much! We've been running our radio station and our Pet Blog for many years!

The Thrill is Gone

One of my favorite pass times in the 60s, 70s and even early 80s was going to the mall and spending an hour or so in record stores like Sam Goody's. When I worked in Manhattan, I spent many lunch hours browsing through Tower Records and most of the time I would come out with something even if I wasn't looking for anything in particular. It was a great time. When CD's replaced vinyl, I still visited the record stores on a regular basis. I would always find the unexpected, a unique record or CD containing songs that I haven't heard in a long time! Today, we have I tunes or Amazon and the thrill is gone. Running an oldies internet radio station, I want ORIGINAL recordings of my old favorites an

Please Vote For Edgewater Gold Radio

Edgewater Gold Radio has been playing the best variety of oldies for 17 years. I would like to ask my listeners and blog readers to take less than a minute of your time to vote for us for the best, downstate radio station for music” Please click on the picture below, then click on people and media and enter EDGEWATER GOLD RADIO in the blank “best music station downstate.” It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Can An AM Station Work With A Younger Audience?

You're probably saying ? "How can an AM station work with any age group anymore?" Yesterday I read about an AM station in the New Haven, Connecticut WQUN am 1220 going dark. The station is owned by Quinnipiac College but is run by professionals as well as students. The article mentions that the students have really no interest in radio anymore. This sparked a dialog on the New York Radio Sound Board. I did mention that it is really ashamed but the youth of today have too many music alternatives to turn to and really don't listen to radio as much. Also the visual seems to be more important today than the music itself. Someone responded that if the station switched to an alternative format

Unstable Streams, Problems with Services plus Illness Plagued Edgewater Gold Radio this Weekend!

Most internet radio stations aren't run with many staff members. Most of the time, there are only one or two individuals running a station. I run Edgewater Gold Radio by myself. I do have resources who support me with production and other programming matters but basically it's only me. This week I came down with the flu which knocked me out. I am still recovering but nowhere near feeling myself yet. I cancelled all activities for the next five days at least. That included producing voicetracked shows for the station. Luckily my automation system does a great job taking over and I have so many elements that are part of the programming , the audience doesn't notice much of a difference. Ther

Why Do People Start Internet Radio Stations?

I read a very irritating post the other day on one of the Internet Radio Facebook pages. An uninformed individual posted that only people with big ego's start internet radio stations. Of course you know I went back at him hard! While many people can get into internet radio, there are some that just want to stream music. It's my experience, most internet broadcasters were formally involved with radio and/or television in the past. These individuals like myself are passionate for the broadcasting industry. I think this very uninformed individual is mixing up the word "ego" with the word "passionate." My station Edgewater Gold Radio has been on the internet for 17 years and during that time, I

Keep Track of Listing Directories

There are times when internet radio broadcasters choose or are forced to change service providers. This happened to me when the original Live 365 was forced to shut down due to extremely high royalty rates. This is not easy for us broadcasters because in addition to finding a new provider, we need to change our listening URL in all directories where our station is listed. This is not an easy task if you don't have a record of all of the directories that your station is listed with. It's a time consuming daunting task. I switched to Radionomy (a very poor choice on my part!) after Live 365 closed. It took about three weeks to get my station stream back on not to mention that the audience is a

What is Your Peak Listening Time

Internet Radio peak listening times are a bit different than from traditional AM of FM radio. Since most people listen to the radio on their way to work and on the way home, morning (6:00 - 10:00am) and afternoon "drive times" (3pm - 6pm) usually are the peak listening times for AM/FM radio. For internet radio, it seems that most people listen during the day when at work. So for instance, if your station is in the US) the peak listening time is between 9:00 am to 12:00pm then again from 1:00pm till 6:00PM. Early morning and evening listening is usually a bit lighter. Weekend listening varies a little with Saturday being the heavier listening day. We must also consider the various time zone

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