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Judges Skeptical About Ordering New 'Stairway To Heaven' Trial

Here's the latest from RTT news regarding the copyright lawsuit involving Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Judges on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco have hinted that they don't feel there is need for a new trial in the copyright suit involving the widely popular Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven." The estate of the late Randy Wolfe argues parts of "Stairway To Heaven" were taken from the 1968 song "Taurus" from the rock band Spirit. The plaintiffs' attorney reportedly argued that the copyrighted composition of "Taurus" should include the song as performed, not as its lyrics written on paper because the album version is much closer to "Stairway" than it appears o

Always Have A Backup System

The worst thing the owner of an internet radio station can face is loosing their entire audience in a flash. There are many variables that can cause a station to "drop" it's audience. When this happens, a mental checklist kicks in. Is it the automation software? the computer itself, the internet provider, a power outage, the stream provider? and the list could go on and on. Sometimes it will take awhile to figure out where the problem originates. In the meantime, there should be some kind of backup to ensure that the audience isn't lost for a long period of time. Edgewater Gold Radio has several backups but they're not all fool proof. We have three computers loaded with Nextkast, the radio a

Variety in Today's Music vs. Yesterday

I know I'm of that generation that really doesn't care for today's music at all. You're right----not at all. I can't even relate to 98% of it, nor do I care to. In 1967, my parents would complain about some of the "modern" music but and it's a big BUT, there were many songs on the pop charts that my parents loved. WHY? Variety! Back in the 60s, the music was very varied as I will show you. Also, it wasn't all about the visual. Bands really sang, played real instruments with no technical altering. It seemed to me tbat voices were also more varied and the music wasn't jumpy. It flowed smoothly for the most part. In today's world, I can't really tell one song from the other. I have to careful

Programmers Should Always Be Tweeking

Programmers of radio stations should never get too complacent. Fine tuning should always be included in a station programmers day. Complacency breeds boredum and stagnation. Small changes always keep the programing fresh. Recently I added a new program to Edgewater Gold Radio. It's called Nightmemories and features a softer blend of oldies mixed with popular standards. The program currently airs from 9pm to 5am weeknights. After listening to the show for a couple of weeks now, I've decided to change the time that it airs. As of Wednesday, it will air only between 9pm and 12 mid. Regular programming will resume after midnight. Here's why I made the change. I feel that I personally need to p

Elton John Adds New Dates in New York and New Jersey for Farewell Tour

Elton John has added seven new concert dates in April 2020 to his farewell tour in New York and New Jersey. The legendary musician will perform at all four major arenas in the New York area - Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Prudential Center in Newark and NYCB LIVE's Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Elton's three-year-long Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour kicked off on September 8, 2018. Tickets for the new dates will go on sale to the general public on September 27. Tickets and VIP packages can be be bought online at New Tour Dates: 04/06 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden 04/07 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden 04/10 - Brooklyn, NY

Triggering Great Memories

Almost every song we grew up with has a memory or two attached to it. Music is a transport device that takes us back to hopefully a great time in our lives. The other day, I heard Conquistador by Procol Harum on my station Edgewater Gold Radio. It took me back to the Summer of 1972 when I was in the car with a few friends and we were on our way to discover the beaches of Rhode Island. We always drove to the New Jersey shore in the Summer so we figured that we would try something new and take the drive to Rhode Island. Conquisador played several times on the radio throughout the day. We all had a great time, driving, sitting on the beach and eating. The memory of that day is still alive and a

Peak Listening for Internet Radio

Unlike terrestrial radio, the peak listening hours for internet radio are usually between 10am and 4pm weekdays and 10am and 5pm weekends. Terrestrial radio gets the most listeners in the morning between 6am til 10am and 2 til 6pm afternoons and between 10am and 3pm on Saturdays. Another interesting fact is that listeners tend to keep tuned in to internet radio much longer than on terrestrial radio. The average time listening for Edgewater Gold Radio is about 55 minutes. For regular am and fm it can only be a few minutes maybe 10 to 15. Keep in mind the length of times listening when programming for internet radio. We have lots of listeners that stay tuned in all day long!

Mick Jagger Comes Down Hard On Trumps Environmental Policy

The following was prepared by RTT Music News. Mick Jagger came down hard on President Donald Trump's environmental policies at the end of the Venice Film Festival over the weekend. Jagger was in Lido on Saturday to promote the screening of the last film, The Burnt Orange Heresy, directed by Giuseppe Capotondi. The Rolling Stones frontman was asked to comment on a protest held at the red carpet in front of Venice's main venue, the Palazzo del Cinema, against climate change, anti-immigration policies and Venice's cruise ship problem. Jagger said he is "absolutely behind" the protest. "We are in a very difficult situation at the moment, especially in the U.S., where all the environmental contro

Remembering 9/11

It was a normal Summer. I was in between jobs after working for a company in Manhattan for 27 years. I was also working for a local AM radio station playing standards music in New Jersey, where I lived. During the Summer months I met with a job recruitment and entrepreneurship group. The group met in tower 1 of the World Trade Center. On Tuesday September 11, I was scheduled to meet with my advisor at 8:30am on the 45th floor of tower 1. In the meantime, my Aunt Marie was dealing with many medical issues. She had just finished radiation therapy for breast cancer. On the evening of September 10th, my aunt called me and asked me to take her to the hospital on Tuesday, September 11th for a fina

Facing A Decision --Disco or No disco

Internet radio has a great advantage over terrestrial radio. It allows us to see how well each day part does. It even shows us which songs or segments are a "turnoff" for the audience. Edgewater Gold Radio's classic disco show has been airing for over a year now. The show features real classic disco from the 70s and early 80s. This includes all of the radio classic disco hits as well as lots of club mixes as well. Statistics show that Edgewater Gold Radio's audience sticks around when the disco radio hits are played but drops away when club mixes are added in. My dilemma is should I drop the entire program and add in something else or should I modify the current program? I am polling people

Weather's Affect on the Internet

Hurricane Dorian is barrelling up the coast this week after devastating the Bahama's. The wind is beginning to pick up here in Rehoboth Beach. Edgewater Gold Radio is on the air and all systems seem to be running fine. However, yesterday, I noticed that the encoder stream was interrupted and the station's connection was lost and our backup kicked in. Does weather affect Internet speed? Absolutely. Damage to power, phone, or cable lines can impact your connection, while a high number of concurrent users — perhaps trying to check the weather report — may slow it to a crawl. So if you notice an interruption, weather is probably the main cause!

Now Album for Jon Bon Jovi

Here's the latest from RTT News regading Jon Bon Jovi's new album. Jon Bon Jovi has announced that his band's upcoming new album will be titled Bon Jovi: 2020. The rocker revealed the title on board the Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean Cruise. Explaining the choice of the title, Bon Jovi said he had a "clear vision" after the band's previous album, 2016's This House is Not For Sale. "The meaning behind it - there's the obvious: It's an election year and I couldn't do any worse," Bon Jovi said at an intimate Q&A session during the Runaway to Paradise concert cruise. "And I also have clear vision. This House Is Not for Sale dealt with a lot of personal matters, and now it's behind us," he add

A Programming Pet Peeve

A few days ago, I was driving listening to our local radio station. A song ends and out of the blue, hitting me in the face is a public service announcement then on comes the next song. No Id. no introduction......nothing! This is just plain very bad programming. Learning programming consistency throughout my whole career, it annoys me to hear programming elements that sound like no one cares. There was a small country station that use to do this in north Jersey which drove me nuts. I would change the dial immediately. The station is now off the air. I always stress imaging-----imaging-----imaging. "Who are you?" "What Do You Do?" "Who are your Listeners?" These are the questions programmers

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