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Bette Midler to Make Her First Appearance as Prestenter at the Glaad Media Awards

Diva Bette Midler will make her first appearance as Presenter at the Glaad Media awards. Good for Bette! Here's the story from RTT Music news. Actress, singer, songwriter, and comedian Bette Midler will make her first-ever appearance as a presenter at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York on March 19. Midler will introduce Ben Platt, who is her co-star in "The Politician." Actress Sarah Paulson and Golden Globe-winning actor Matt Bomer will present the Vito Russo Award to Ryan Murphy at the New York ceremony. Lilly Singh, an openly bisexual executive producer, will host the Awards. Jimmy Fallon will present the award for Outstanding Broadway Production. GLAAD announced that Adam Lambert and his

Starting an Internet Radio Station---You Don't Need All The "Bells and Whistles"

When it comes to internet radio stations,the technology has changed drastically over the past 10 years but lots of former terrestrial broadcasters are sort of "stuck in the past." They think that internet radio must model terrestrial broadcasting meaning they need a large studio, expensive processing equipment, an expensive broadcast audio console etc. etc etc. This is simply not true thanks to today's technology. You can target your internet station to meet your specific needs. If you're broadcasting a music format and will be voice tracking and doing live shows with no live phone calls, you do not need an expensive broadcast quality audio console. This is especially true if all of your m

Elton John Forced To Cancel Shows Due To Pneumonia

Here's the latest from RTT News regarding the cancellation of show by Elton John due to a bout with Pneumonia Music legend Elton John was forced to canceled two of his remaining shows in New Zealand as his fight with pneumonia continues. The shows have been rescheduled for next year. Earlier this week, John had to cut short a performance in Auckland after he lost his voice and needed help on stage. "I always want to be able to give 100% and I'm afraid that, right now, I'm not able to do that. I am grateful for the love and loyalty I have been shown by all of you and I can't wait to return in January next year to perform my final New Zealand shows," John said in a statement. "Despite the best

Edgewater Gold Radio in Its Eighteenth Year of Broadcasting Oldies

It was a damp night in 2002. I was living in Edgewater, NJ and was a member of our condo board. The board gathered in the clubhouse to discuss a major renovation project about to get underway. The board members knew that I had worked in terrestrial radio for many years and one board member commented to me "wouldn't it be great if you could start a radio station for the community? I told him that it wasn't possible for individuals to start a radio station nor practical. After the meeting, my wheels began to turn. I did some research, spoke to some other colleagues in the business and found out that there was a way that an individual can start a small micro powered radio station through the p

Interesting Facts and Figures About the Growth in Online Radio and Podcast Listening

Pew Research Center has put together an interesting fact sheet regarding the growth in online radio and podcast listening. While terrestrial radio continues to hold its own for now, online listening is on a steady rise. This is a comprehensive fact sheet that includes listening in cars, on cellphones and mobile devices. Audio and Podcasting Fact Sheet Audience Economics Ownership Find out more MORE FACT SHEETS: STATE OF THE NEWS MEDIA The audio news sector in the U.S. is split by modes of delivery: traditional terrestrial (AM/FM) radio and digital formats, such as online radio and podcasting. While terrestrial radio reaches almost the entire U.S. population and remains steady in its revenue

A Valentine For You

It's Valentine's day and Edgewater Gold Radio has prepared a special show for you. Listen tonight between 9pm - 12mid to Nightmemories. We picked some great, romantic songs to ease your way through the evening with your loved one. Nightmemories features softer oldies mixed with pop standards and vocals. Tonight we added a romantic mood to the program. Unwind with us tonight and every weekday evening for a unique mix of music. It's a great way to end your day!

Audience Increasing Thanks to Ease Of Access

Edgewater Gold Radio's audience continues to increase and most importantly our local audience continues to rise. The reason is with the growth of Amazon Echo devices, various apps, websites and portability, accessing an internet radio station is much easier than it was ten years ago and the technology continues to improve. Internet broadcasters can't relay on accessibility alone to increase an audience. Constant promotion on social media sites and occasional local promotion is necessary to continue growing your audience. Also keeping the programming fresh is essential. I'm very pleased with the progress Edgewater Gold Radio has made since relocating to Delaware.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Biopic About Plane Crash To Premiere February 16

Read about Lynyrd Skynyrd's biopic about a plane crash in today's Edgewater Gold Radio blog - from RTT News. A Lynyrd Skynyrd biopic, titled Street Survivors: The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash, is set to premier on February 16. The movie will premiere at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles before getting a wider release in the spring. Street Survivors tells the story of the plane crash that killed singer Ronnie Van Zant and five others through the perspective of drummer Artimus Pyle, who survived the crash and worked as a consultant on the project. "This film's story - my story - is not just about the plane crash but also about my personal relationship

Edgewater Gold Radio - Maintenance

Over the past several weeks, Edgewater Gold Radio has been experiencing periodic drop outs. This occurs once in awhile every few days. I recently upgraded my modem and since then, the dropouts have occurred. Today, Friday, February 7, I have a technician coming to look into and hopefully get to the bottom of this very difficult problem. There may be time this morning when our live programming is interrupted due to this maintenance but our backup programming should kick in. We will keep you posted. Thank you for listening to Edgewater Gold Radio.

Everyone Radio Person Should Have A Great Mentor

The picture is of the WIXL - FM studio in the 80's. Irish John was the one person who gave me the most guidance and encouragement in this business. He believed in strict structure, consistency, enthusiasm and balance in radio formats. One of his motto's while on air was"if you don't have anything to say, then don't say it!" He also believed in always letting the audience know what station they were listening to and what it does. i follow his advice and programming beliefs to this day. One time when Tammy Wynette was playing at a venue is Sussex County, NJ, I was supposed to cut to our Program Director twice an hours who was on site where Tammy was performing. He was supposed to just promote

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