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Jackson Browne Tests Positive For Coronavirus

No one is immune from Coronavirus. It hits every walk of life and every single industry. Jackson Brown has tested positive for Coronavirus . Here's the story from RTT News. Jackson Browne has revealed that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed the sad news in an interview with Rolling Stone. Browne said that despite testing positive for the deadly disease, he doesn't require any kind of medication and hospitalization since his symptoms are "really pretty mild." "I quarantined immediately upon feeling sick. It was before the mandatory quarantine orders were issued, because you don't know if you had it or not," Browne told the entertainment magazi

Music can Relieve Stress During these Difficult Times

We all have re-adjusted our lives due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Stress levels are up but in different ways. We used to worry about that project due at work or in my case the kids in the class I'm subbing for. Will they drive me nuts? That's all changed in that things like the little tickle in your throat. Is it the start of Covid 19? Did I do enough sanitizing around the house today? The sanitizing wipes are dwindling and I wonder if I'll every see another pack again! Today, I got up at the crack of dawn and ventured out in the pouring rain to see if I can get the things I need at our nearby Giant Supermarket. The first thing that pushes the stress button is that as I walk in I notice tha

Jon Bon Jovi Requests Help in Writing New Song

J on Bon Jovi is requesting help in writing a new song. Here's the story from RTT Music News. Jon Bon Jovi has reached out to his fans across the world to request their help in writing a new song called "Do What You Can," revolving around the struggles of making it through the COVID-19 pandemic. "I did what I do best which was to sit down with my guitar and try to put something in words for you, maybe to brighten up your day," the 58-year-old singer shared in a video posted to social media. "I'm going to give you the chorus and the first verse. I'm going to play the second verse, but you tell me your story," he continued. "Tell me what you're going through. Tell me how you're feeling. Tell m

So What is Considered an Essential Business?

Delaware has gone under a "Stay at Home Order" effective Tuesday, March 24th. In general this mean that essential businesses are closed. So what it an essential business? Federal guidelines give state and local authorities leeway in what they consider "essential" businesses during an emergency. But in general, those industries include grocery stores and food production, pharmacies, health care, utilities, shipping, banking, other governmental services, law enforcement, emergency personnel and journalists. Since each state can designate what is classified as essential, employers must be careful to follow regulations. Civil penalties could result from not following such executive orders. I in

Coronavirus Affecting News and Entertainment Media

If the Covid 19 pandemic would have occurred in the 1970's chances are some TV stations would have to go off the air but today digital and internet services are saving the day so to speak. Talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon can perform parts of their show from the comforts of their own home thanks to the internet. However there still is a very significant impact on media outlets. Here's the latest from RTT News regarding the suspension of production of Saturday Night Live. "Saturday Night Live" has suspended the production of its next three shows due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The NBC series was scheduled to return from a break on March 28 but will not resume pro

Providing Information During a Crisis

We are in the middle of one of the worst crisis in our history. If you're a LPFM, Internet or terrestrial radio station, you have the opportunity to shine. By that I mean to get valuable information out to your listeners. Unfortunately scanning our radio dial, most stations are not doing that. They are continuing with a hands off approach running only the radio automation systems to provide the programming. Even if you're a music station, your can give your listeners valuable information on the Coronavirus crisis. This doesn't mean stopping all of the music and revert to crisis mode. You can research how the virus is affecting your area and provide that information in bits throughout your br

Coronavirus Even affecting The Entertainment Industry

Tours being postponed can have a severe affect on some in the entertainment industry. Here's the story from RTT Music News, David Crosby said in an interview with GQ that he is worried about losing his home if his summer tour dates get canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the interview, Crosby said, "I'm sitting here waiting for them to cancel all my tours this summer and put me in deep financial trouble. You know they don't pay us for records anymore, right? So touring is all we got. That's really the only thing that we can do to make any money. And to lose it is just awful." "I may - honest to God - I may lose my home," he added. "I don't know what to do about it, except just try t

Information Regarding Coronavirus for Delaware Residents

Starting today, March 16th all schools in Delaware are closed until March 27th so far. The following information was derived from It provides more information and helpful telephone numbers. For information, call the information line at 1-866-408-1899, 1-866-408-1899,TTY at 1-800-232-5460 or email Governor Carney declared a State of Emergency starting on March 13, 2020 at 8 a.m. The Governor directed all public schools to close March 16-27. If you are hosting an event with over 100 people, please review the news release and Governor's State of Emergency Declaration. Anyone who has returned from a country with a level 2 or higher travel alert in the past 14

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony and Induction Postponed

Here's the latest from RTT news regarding the postponement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and ceremonies. This year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Induction Week festivities have been postponed until later this year. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame said the decision to defer the induction ceremony was taken after considering recent news regarding the coronavirus and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's appeal to avoid large public gatherings. "The health and safety of our fans and visitors is our highest priority," the Rock Hall said in a statement. Additional details, including new dates and ticket information, will be announced shortly. Details of the rescheduled HBO li

Programming Ahead, Reduces Stress

I 've always made it a habit to produce several days playlists for Edgewater Gold Radio in advance. Usually there are at least two days of playlists produced daily. After the playlists are produced, they are usually reviewed and modified. Voicetracking is done about a day in advance but in certain circumstances I'll voice track a few days ahead. We have the ability to broadcast live at any time using these same playlists. Programming in advance always insures that your station is current in the event something takes place that prevents you from tending to your station. I learned this from one of my Program Directors at a station I worked for in New Jersey. He used to print out two or three d

Allman Bros. Celebrating 50 Years

I can't believe that it's the 50th anniversary of the Allman Bros. Band. They were a staple at our college radio station. Here are the details of the celebration by RTT Music News. The Allman Brothers Band has announced that the upcoming all-star event celebrating 50 years of the band, which is already sold out, will be available on pay-per-view via Nugs.Net. Surviving members of the Allman Brothers Band, drummer Jaimoe, guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, bassist Oteil Burbridge and percussionist Marc Quinones, will be performing at the event, to be held at Madison Square Garden on March 10. They will be joined by Widespread Panic drummer Duane Trucks and keyboardist Reese Wynams. Fo

Edgewater Gold Radio Cape Gazette Article

Promoting your internet radio station is very important. Here is the article on Edgewater Gold Radio that appeared in The Cape Gazette, our local newspaper here in southern Delaware. THE CAPE GAZETTE It's important to get the word out any way you can! Use any method that will work for you. Social Media, local TV, newspapers, word of mouth, flyers, etc. Always keep in mind that here are thousands and thousands of radio stations and sources of music out there. You have to stand out in some way and draw listeners to your station! Remember, your are worldwide! Local audiences aren't going to come to you without knowing that you exist.

Cher Still As Popular After All These Years

Cher is still going strong at age 73. Here's the latest from RTT Music news . Cher says she "never expected" to still be famous at age 73. In a story, exclusively by People, the icon opens up about the longevity of her career. "Now when I go on stage, I see such different groupings: really old people beside really young children," Cher tells the magazine. "That's something really special. I know that I still make people happy, and that's my gift." She adds, "I can still put on my show. It might not be as great as it was five years ago, but it's still pretty damn good." Cher also teamed up with Kim Kardashian West and Naomi Campbell on the cover of the CR Fashion Book's "Power" issue. The thr

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