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All-Star Group Of Artists Demand Politicians Get Permission To Use Songs

Artists are now demanding that politicians get permission to use their songs at rallies. The has not been done and has prompted the formation of a new group. Here's the full story from RTT Music news. An all-star group of artists have signed an open letter protesting the use of their music at political rallies and other public events without seeking their permission. "As artists, activists and citizens, we ask you to pledge that all candidates you support will seek consent from featured recording artists and songwriters before using their music in campaign and political settings," says the letter. The letter continues, "This is the only way to effectively protect your candidates from legal r

Musical History Tour Coming To Edgewater Gold Radio!

Edgewater Gold Radio is pleased to announced the addition of the Musical History Tour with Ronnie Sevean on Edgewater Gold Radio. The show debuts on Sunday, August 2nd and can be heard from 7pm - 10pm eastern time. The Musical History tour will take you on a fantastic journey and cover a large variety of music crossing multiple genres. The show will usually be theme oriented and will not only entertain you but inform you as well! Ronnie is extremely knowledgeable and brings a robust music library with lots of interesting information to the table. It's a great way to end your weekend and spend a Sunday night. So sit back, relax and take this weekly journey with Ronnie! We're so glad to have h

Remembering The Man Who Sparked My Interest in Radio!

Fifty Two years ago, I got the bug to get into radio. Each morning I would wake us to the voice of Harry Harrison on WABC. His genuine style along with the music he played made me always feel safe and positive. He never degraded or said anything derogatory about anyone. Listening to him always made me feel that he had a personal connection to his listeners. I wasn't wrong. He answered every letter that I wrote to him and invited to his show twice. I was honored to have met him and always held the advice he gave me close to my heart. I live by his standards every time I open the mike on Edgewater Gold Radio.

Inventions of the 1970s

It's the 70s Party Train tonight at 5PM on Edgewater Gold Radio. We feature four hours of seventies music plus tonight we will be talking about some of the inventions that came out in the 1970s that you may not have realized were from the 70s. Join us every Saturday for the 70s Party Train. We strive to preserve the great music the baby boomer generation grew up with. Take a little trip back with us through the decades all the time by listening to Edgewater Gold Radio!

Beatles Still on Top!

After over 50 years, the Beatles are still a top selling rock band. They are currently the to selling rock band of 2020 so far. That really says something about the older music! Here's the full story from RTT Music news. The Beatles are the top-selling rock band of the first-half of 2020. The iconic band sold 1.094 million units from January through June, including album sales and album equivalent units (via song downloads and streaming), according to Nielsen's Mid-Year Report. The top five on the rock sales list also includes Queen with 768,000 units, Imagine Dragons with 593,000 units, Fleetwood Mac with 565,000 units and Metallica with 551,000. The top five rock albums are Queen's Greates

Talk To Your Listeners

I was scanning some internet radio stations the other day and I noticed the same thing over and over and over. Music music music Jingle music music music. At one point I heard three songs in a row then a temperature check. It sounded like this right out of a song. "It's 85 degrees" and that was it then right back into another song. Very very bad programming! I know many people run internet radio stations as a hobby but if you don't try to reach out to your listeners, what's the point? Your stream is only a jukebox. I recommend lots of imaging telling your audience who you are and what your do. Also talk to your audience and provide some kind of knowledge and information. It makes a differe

Queen Hits A New Milestone

Queen hits another milestone in the UK. Here's the story from RTT Music news. Legendary rock band Queen's Greatest Hits album has passed a major milestone on the U.K.'s Official Albums Chart, becoming just the third album to spend at least 900 weeks in the Top 100. The compilation album, which was released in 1981, is currently at 901 weeks in the Official Albums Chart Top 100, according to the Official Charts Company. Queen's Greatest Hits is only behind Bob Marley & The Wailers' 1984 hits album Legend at 933 weeks and ABBA's Gold at 949 weeks, the longest-running U.K. Top 100 album ever. The Official Charts Company noted the Queen album debuted at No. 2 in 1981 and rose to No. 1 the follow

Don't Get De Frauded in Today's Complex Online World! -----I Did!

Most of us love great technology but when something goes wrong we are usually stuck holding the bag. Since mostly everything is done on online, companies Customer Service is also online. The only problem is that it avoids contact with a real person. When you try to navigate the complex menus as you desperately search to find a contact number or e-mail, we are usually left scrambling around until our heads are about to fall off! The bottom line is that large companies don't want us to talk to a live person. They want to collect their money and leave the rest to a useless array of un-useable links on their websites. If we do get to a customer service person, they usually can't provide much if

Concerts are Looking Quite Different this Summer

Summer is a time for outdoor concerts at one of the many great venues around the country but this year will be much different. Gathering in large crowds is a "no no" due to the Coronavirus that has devastated this country. Cases are surging but businesses are opening up hopefully taking the proper precautions. One of the main venues for outdoor concerts here in southern Delaware is the Freeman Stage. Here's an article that appeared in the Cape Gazette highlighting how the venue is holding events and precautions that are being taken. Even though care is being taken to ensure the safety of concert attendees, I would not feel safe at any of these events so I've decided that I will avoided al

Neil Young is Not Pleased With Donald Trump Using His Music at His Rally

Many artists are expressing their displeasure with President Trump using their music at his rallies and rightfully so. Add Neil Young to the list. Here's the full story from RTT Music News. Neil Young has expressed his frustration at President Donald Trump using his music during a Fourth of July rally at Mount Rushmore last Friday. Two of Young's songs, "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Like a Hurricane," were played during the president's rally that day, and Young took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. "This is NOT ok with me," Young tweeted, and added, "I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux & this is NOT ok with me," voicing his support for the Lakota Sioux tribe from whom the U.S.

Coronavirus - The Youth Just Don't Get It!

Each day I tell my listeners to be safe, social distance and wear a mask when in public. There is so much division going on during this pandemic. We need to create our own new normal. We also need to get it through the head of young people that wearing a mask and getting tested doesn't only help them but it helps others. They just don't seem to get it. I was discussing testing here in Rehoboth Beach with a very young neighbor here in our community. I asked him if he got tested since it's being offered for free in many places. His response to me was "I have no symptoms." I stressed that you don't need to have symptoms to have Coronavirus and there are lots of people who never get symptoms. It

Glad That We Have The Music We Grew Up With To Listen to Today!

As I get older, I drift further and further away from the music of today. It's become irrelevant and basically not listenable to me. There are some really talented, good artists in today's mix of hip hop and pop but I can't listen to a pop radio station and wait to hear the one or two I may like so I stay away from it altogether. Yesterday, as I was watering my lawn, a car full of young kids came speeding down the street blasting what sounded like loud explosions, actually it was some pop Hip Hop song that made me stop and just stare. I thought to myself, what is the appeal of this kind of music if that's what they call it? When I was their age, my parents didn't like all of the pop music I

Rolling Stone Concert Films Comes to Drive Ins

If you're a Stones fan you can go to a drive in and watch some of their concert films. Here's the full story from RTT Music News. A 2016 Rolling Stones concert film will debut in drive-in theaters across the United States and Canada on July 10. The movie, titled The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon, is a concert filmed in Cuban capital Havana in March 2016. It documents the band's free concert held at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana sports complex, which had an estimated 500,000-person audience. This marked a landmark event for rock n' roll in Cuba, as the genre was banned for decades in the Communist country following the Cuban revolution. As restrictions relaxed amongst lessened political ten

60s and 70s Rule on The Holiday Weekend

We are extending our 60s and 70s weekend here at Edgewater Gold Radio! Our 60s and 70s weekend will begin Friday, July 3 and go through Monday July 6th. All 60s and 70s, and little talk. We're keeping the music playing all holiday weekend long! Nightmemories will not be heard on Friday or Monday nights but will resume on Tuesday, July 7th. Our 70s Party Train will air as usual on Saturday at 5pm and our disco show, Dance Fever 54 will air as usual at 9pm on Saturday. Live daily programming will resume on Tuesday, July 7th. So enjoy your holiday. I'm taking a little break so you can enjoy the great songs and Summer memories of the 60s and 70s!

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